Host Nation Council Award

Host Nation Council Award Marie LorenzMarie Lorenz has been awarded the Host Nation Council Award 2021.

When Marie Lorenz was given her A-Level certificate on Friday, 19th March 2021 in Prüm’s famous Salvator Basilika, she was also awarded the Host Nation Council Award. This prize expresses an appreciation of Marie’s special interest in the English language which she showed continuously during her years at school, especially in her upper years. Her work culminated in a thesis about the 1960ies and the implications they had on the music of the Beatles, especially on their song-lyrics. “I find the political and social events during the 60ies utterly exciting and I was inspired to occupy myself more closely with the various interpretations of the Beatles’ lyrics so that I could finally underline their significance in politics and social matters,” Marie says in her introduction.

Marie doesn’t intend to study English literature or linguistics, but she hopes she can find a university course that is offered completely in English.

We wish you well, Marie. Good luck for the future.