Host Nation Council Award presented to three outstanding students from the Regino-Gymansium in Prüm

Lukas Johanns, Peter Johanns and Raffael Misakian, three excellent students from the Regino-Gymnasium in Prüm were presented with the Host Nation Council Spangdahlem Award for their outstanding achievements in the English language. Here is the laudation:

„For their outstanding achievement in English as a foreign language on occasion of the A-Level exams at Regino-Gymnasium Prüm, Lukas Johanns, Peter Johanns and Raffael Misakian were granted the Host Nation Council Award in combination with the best wishes for a successful life on behalf of the school’s principal, OStD Albrecht Petri, on 16 March 2018.

Due to their constant engagement during lessons, they contributed significantly to its success. Apart from their ability of content-based abstraction, they are also distinctively competent in the areas of analysis and interpretation, which they successfully implemented into the lessons. All three of them continuously improved their language skills and they always had a helping hand for their classmates.

On behalf of the school’s administration, we wish Peter, Lukas and Raffael all the best for their lives and hope that they will continue enjoying the English language.”

The Host Nation Council joins in congratulating these great students and we also wish them the very best for their future.

k Kandidaten Preis Regino 2018